Committed to the highest quality of performance, and making the experience of great music accessible to all.



Founded in 2009 by cellist and conductor Stephen Framil and Wilmington artist Christine Farley, the 10th Annual Port City Music Festival 2018 is a summer concert series committed to the highest quality of performance, and making the experience of great music accessible to all.  A tax-deductible non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, the Port City Music Festival is a program of CAMERATA PHILADELPHIA INC.

CAMERATA PHILADELPHIA is an ensemble without musical boundaries. From symphonies to concertos to chamber music to lieder to choral to opera, CAMERATA not only brings a fresh and distinct interpretation to the venerated classics, but also seeks to bridge the styles of classical, jazz, folk and world music – each program an eclectic and richly diverse musical offering. Committed to music appreciation for all ages, it is the mission of CAMERATA to make the experience of great music accessible to all.


With Music Director Stephen Framil (cellist and conductor), CAMERATA has performed throughout the United States, a nine-concert tour to China (2011), and is the ensemble-in-residence at the Port City Music Festival (North Carolina) and Holy Trinity Rittenhouse Square (Philadelphia). Artistic and concert collaborations include the Philadelphia Boys Choir, the International Opera Theater of Philadelphia, the West Philadelphia Orchestra, and an array of internationally renowned concert soloists and chamber musicians.

CAMERATA programs and projects include the Port City Music Festival (Wilmington, NC), CelloFeast (avocational cello workshops), Camerata Youth Orchestra & Ensemble, domestic/international concert tours, and Camerata Records.




June 3 – Kenan Chapel Landfall
June 4 – Windermere Presbyterian
June 5 – B'nai Israel
June 7 –  Cameron Art Museum
June 8 – WHQR
June 8 – Beckwith Hall UNCW
June 9 – Rising Stars Masterclass
June 9 – Union Station CFCC
June 10 – First Presbyterian


Stephen Framil Music Director/Cellist
Luigi Mazzocchi Violinist
Danijela Zezelj-Gualdi Violinist
Clark Spencer Violist
Maria Mazzocchi Violist
Jim Candido Double Bassist
Kyle Engler Mezzo-Soprano
Daniel Lau Pianist
Qin Qian Erhu
Rahim Alhaj Oud
Patricio Acevedo Cajón | Cuatro | Cavaquinho | Charango | Guitar


Stephen Framil, Executive Director
Christine Farley, Operations Director
Sara Freuchtenicht, Hospitality
Anne Leister, Outreach
Grace Napper, Communications
Pauline Purdum, Hosting
Peggy Smith, Communications
Alane Savod, Strategy